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Whilst exhibiting at various wedding fayres over the last few months, we heard all the reasons why couples were not prioritising a wedding video. This made us think, do you really need a videographer at your wedding and should it be up there as a priority?

Before we start did you know that recent research by ZOLA indicated that 63% of couples questioned didn’t have a videographer at their weddings HOWEVER 98% of the couples that didn’t said it was their biggest regret?


Here is why not having a videographer could be the biggest regret of YOUR planning.

“We already have a photographer who will be capturing the day for us”

As beautiful as your photographs will be, they are only a single frame, a split second in time. A video however brings the picture to life, capturing not just the subject but the entire atmosphere, the movements, the music and the build up.


“We would never watch the video it will just sit in a draw gathering dust”

This couldn’t be further from the truth. We guarantee that you will watch and relive your special day over and over again, as well as share with your nearest and dearest. Rather than VHS tapes your video is stored as a file and can be played and duplicated with a single click. Of course it can also be stored on the personalised USB we suppy.

"Watching 2 hours of static footage is boring"

Again this isn’t 1982 and we aren’t talking VHS. Naturally the longer the films the less interest it retains therefore our films are usually between 15-20 minutes, however we always supply a condensed highlights video of between 4-6 minutes long that will be beautifully edited in stunning HD painting a full picture of the day.


"A videographer has no emotional attachment to us as a couple or to our day and therefore won’t be very personal."

We like to get to know our couples before their wedding day. This can be done at a consultation in your own home, at a public venue, our studio, or even by zoom! We like to get a feel for your personalities and how you tick as a couple and what is important for you to be included. During the editing stage we will watch footage over and over and carefully select the best clips that tell the best story of your wedding day.


"We wouldn’t be comfortable on camera and even hate the sound of our own voices"

This is only natural and full understandable and and something we can personally relate to. However we are very discreet and friendly and won’t be pointing cameras in your face so you can relax and be yourselves. Most of the time you will be unaware that we are filming. In fact most of our clips will only be a few seconds long anyway. We will only use the best clips and can even exclude your voices from the clips altogether and overlay with music. We are happy to demonstrate our equipment at the consultation or alternatively a pre wedding shoot can be arranged to get you used to the cameras.


"We don’t want someone following us round with a TV video camera all day"

Historically you may have a point here but skip forward to 2021 and wedding videography has thankfully moved on from the 1980’s. Gone are the big bulky cameras, lighting rigs and cameramen instructing your every move. You probably won’t notice the difference between our camera and those of a photographer, they are likely to be the same model!


"We aren’t performing monkeys. We don’t want someone directing us all day"

Rest assured this is not our style. We are discreet, natural, none intrusive. We blend into the background documenting your memories. We will shadow your photographer to avoid the need for repetitive shots.


"Our guests all have cameras on their phones and can send us the videos"

Of course these days most people have modern phones that take incredible photos and videos that is true. Are you still having a photographer though? Probably, yes. We have found most amateur footage is shaky, has been filmed in auto mode and has poor quality audio. Chances are you will never get round to editing it all together and some important moments will have been missed. On the other hand our experience in filming weddings means we pay attention to small details which will blend together beautifully in your final film, all of a consistent quality edited finish.


"Sorry we simply can’t afford a wedding video, there’s nothing left in the budget. A video is just a luxury item"

From experience spreadsheets change constantly as the day approaches. Take a closer look at the budget and be honest as to what is essential and what is giving you great value then ask yourself is anything as good as an investment as being able to relive your special day, every day and to keep it for eternity being able to share with your own children and grandchildren. How often do all your friends and family come together for a happy occasion? If you were to loose your loved ones in the future then you may just regret not having a video made of your special day.


You may be surprised at our prices. Take a look at our packages here

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