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Frequently asked questions

How much experience do I need to be a travel respiratory Therapist?

It is recommended that you be a strong therapist with at least 2 years of experience under your belt. Being verse in multidisciplinary areas such as ICUs, Covid Patients, ER are some of the ways to get noticed by the top trauma hospitals. Travel therapist get offered top notch dollars because they can work efficiently with 1-2 days of training. That’s why it’s best to get your experience first.

How long are assignments typically?

Typically a assignment last 13 weeks with some lasting as long as 24 weeks and as short as 1-2 weeks due to the pandemic.

Can I travel if I have a family?

Yes of course, you can travel with your bestie, your spouse, dog/cat, children ( especially now with most schooling taking place vis internet) you can travel with another coworker and split the cost of housing. You can travel via train, plane, automobile, or RV!

Can I chose when I work?

Yes you are your own boss in charge of when you want to go out on a assignment. You can chose to work just the winter months, summer months, once a year or twice a year. You hold the cards on when, where and for how long you will work.

Can I travel if I am only Certified Respiratory Therapist?

Yes, but chances are better if you have your Registry. As a agency owner I will encourage you to get registered and will reimburse you for your registry one time when you pass and submit your receipt.

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