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  • What drones & equipment do you use?
    We use the DJI Inspire 2 drone, a professional UAV that is used for professional productions such as TV and movies. It has an additional 45mm lense when needed and produces 4k video and an additional controller allowing 2 person operation. It is backed up by smaller mavic 3 and mini drones, whilst supported by various ground equipment such as Sony DSLR,s gimbals, microphones and Go Pros.
  • What do you charge?
    Each job is priced individually as different locations require different amounts of planning. A guide price would be £170 for a basic roof inspection <30 miles from base. The real answer is a). More expensive than "hobbyist (none licensed pilots) b). Cheaper than the competition
  • Can I fly your drone?
    Unfortunately not. As much fun as it may be, it is our main "tool of the trade" and can't afford to take any risks no matter how experienced you may be as you would not be covered by our insurance.
  • Are you insured?
    Of course! As part of our PfCO (licence) with CAA we are required to have a specialist insurance policy in place for a minimum of £1million including public liability. This is usually sufficient for the majority of projects however should a specific job require a higher level of cover this can easily be arranged on a day to day basis with our insurers, Coverdrone. We are only insured if we abide to our comprehensive procedures so please don't ask us to do anything outside these.
  • Can you fly in rain and wind?
    Our equipment as sophisticated as it is has many electronic components therefore we can't fly in rain or snow showers. The Inspire 2 holds well in the wind but we can not fly in gusts of more than 20 knots. Usually we find that there will be a break in the weather to give us an opportunity to fly however this is not guaranteed. We monitor the weather several days in advance and if we have to cancel we will give you several options. Please see our cnacellation policy for more details
  • What is your cancellation Policy?
    COVID 19 If you are forced to cancel due to covid restrictions, (ie local lockdown) etc we will refund all but £50 of any deposit paid (to cover admin & date reservation, therefore giving you peace of mind at time of booking with us. Applicable to weddings and events. In the event you rebook with us at a later date a credit of £50 will be deducted from your final invoice. Regular policy If we are forced to cancel due to weather, sickness or by anything else out of our control we will notify you at the earliest instance. If you would rather us attend in hope of a break in weather and this does not materialise then 25% of the quoted price will be payable to cover our time, expenses and planning. Other options include but are not limited to:. We will use our nationwide network to source you an alternative qualified pilot. Offering you a selection of alternative dates Should neither of these options be feasible we will refund you- 0-3 days prior 50% 3-14 days prior 75% 14 days plus 100% All deposits are non refundable unless we cancel.
  • How do we recieve footage?
    If possible we will transfer edited images & video to you using wetransfer, dronesafe transfer or dropbox. We can also send media direct on a USB at a small cost. All wedding memories will be supplied on a personalised USB as standard.
  • Is there anywhere you can't fly?
    Although technically nowhere is impossible, getting permission and fulfilling safety criteria is another story, so the answer unfortunately is yes there are lots of restrictions as to where we can operate. As part of our "PfCO licence, the main criteria is that we fly no higher than 200ft and no closer than 50 metres from any person, building or vessel "not under our control" In addition we can not fly closer than 150 metres from crowds of 1000+ people. Usually we are able to bring people into our control through various methods, but unfortunately this is not always practical especially near busy roads and central areas, although this is where our mini drone comes into it's own as it is subject to different regulations. As part of our intense flight planning we will assess the intended flight area and advise you of any restrictions we identify. Sometimes we are able to gain special permissions to work inside these perimeters for certain jobs with the assistance of a OSC operator but unfortunately these will come at a small surcharge.
  • Where are you based and what areas do you cover?
    We are based in the heart of the West Midland. We have 3 bases- in Lichfield, Tamworth and at Birmingham Airport. Being at the heart of the UK transport hub allows us to cover virtually anywhere. For example, we have completed many drone assignments from The Scottish Highlands down to Cornwall at the lower end of the country. Our furthest drone service we have provided was in the Algarve, Portugal photographing many private villas for a local agent we were recommended to by an existing client which took a lot of liaison with Portugese authorities!
  • Do you just do drones?
    No! Although drones are are speciality having an operational authorisation from the CAA, we also offer a full videography and photo service. We have the camera, microphones, go pros and gimbals in our toolbox whether your looking for a complete wedding video or a highlights video of a sporting event we have you covered. We can also provide a livestreaming service and offer a photography service in conjunction with By Bex Photography. Whatever we can't do however we probably have the contacts to help.

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