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There are numerous ways in which we can contribute to the smooth and efficient progress of construction projects.  From tracking site progress to monitoring site safety, to keeping stakeholders informed and overseeing subcontractors, the use of UAVs can offer substantial benefits over traditional methods.

Our detailed images can be used to spot problems, and adjust plans and timescales accordingly and serve to provide a record of the various stages of the project which can be used for future maintenance purposes.


Safety inspections become faster and easier with the kind of aerial overview that a drone can provide.

Areas that are highlighted as a cause for concern can then be investigated and dealt with in a targeted manner.

The resulting images can be quickly passed to required specialists to allow them to analyse the data at least initially without the need for a site visit.  

The reduced costs of aerial inspections when compared with traditional, ground-based methods means that expense is not a barrier to scheduling regular updates. For any construction project manager, more information is a valuable asset – the sooner problem areas can be perceived, the sooner they can be dealt with and usually at less expense than rectifying problems that have been left unchecked for longer periods.

Detailed Inspection

As well as providing overview images of a site, drones with high resolution cameras can be used to carry out detailed inspections of areas that would be hard for construction personnel and necessitate either scaffolding or cherry pickers.

Areas such as roofs, chimneys and spires can be easily captured without incurring the health and safety risks involved with working at height.

There is always the need for accurate land surveys before a construction project of any size begins.

Drones are an ideal way to carry out these surveys from a project’s inception, providing a detailed and accurate backdrop for planning. Details of the site can then be used to inform the design process from the start, minimising problems and maximising opportunities.

Drones can be used on site not just to assess safety conditions for the workforce. They can also be regularly deployed to check for theft and vandalism.  Maintaining security across sometimes vast tracts of land with expensive materials and machines spread across various locations can be difficult.

On foot patrols can be replaced with regular drone patrols with security staff deployed on a much more targeted basis to investigate if a problem is identified.

Adopted from DSR

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