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"Chris, sorry but that was just awful"

.. feedback from "aunty Angela" on my first ever wedding video  with a stationary  VHS camcorder, 1995 

Hello!   Good to meet you.  I'm Chris,  and  I will be your videographer on your special day.

My background is in the aviation industry having enjoyed a long career  in a multitude of roles working on all types of aircraft and meeting all types of people! I'm proud to have been part of the small team that handled Concorde on it's farewell tour.    I am also a qualified Class 1 HGV driver and drone pilot,   however my original aspiration was to become...... a wedding videographer!  I love to capture memories and to ensure they are personal to you, just as Imosha is personal to me, being named after my daughter Imogen.

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Imosha Wedding Films is a sister company to Pesky Seagull Aerial Photography & Video

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