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We hope you are all keeping well during the pandemic.

We have been asked by several clients if we are still operating our drones throughout lockdown and also whether we will be broadcasting live drone flights of Tamworth and local areas as we did the previous time. First of all, YES we are still operating as normal! We have enhanced our risk assessments and procedures to take into account Covid-19 so we can operate safely.

Although recreational drone flying is no longer permitted under the new rules we use our drones for work purposes, therefore even if we do any test or practice flights we will be treating them as commercial flights which means a lot more paperwork for us!

During the previous lockdown we broadcast several live flights for the Tamworth Community to enjoy. Although we have no plans to repeat this format, we are always looking at ways to share our footage with the communities we serve within the West Midlands and beyond. If we have enough time and battery power after completing a roof inspection, survey or other commercial work we like to take our drones up to capture the local area from above particularly in areas where you wouldn't normally be permitted to fly drones, an example of this being a recent site survey on the flight path to Birmingham Airport. (As a licensed Midlands based drone operator we have been granted with a PfCO by the CAA allows us to work in such areas subject to many regulations.)

We have already seen a surge in bookings for weddings in 2021 and also several sports and community events in the diary...just some statistics so far... Birmingham and Coventry are currently our most popular wedding locations followed by venues around Tamworth and Lichfield...the furthest north being Derby and most southern being Gloucester. Heading west we have a booking in Telford and ease a bit closer to home at Hinkley (between Nuneaton and Leicester) Hopefully this is a good sign and that hopefully in 2021 the world will return to some kind of normal? WE CAN HOPE!

As we understand the financial risks of planning events in the current climate we are currently removing our usual deposit policy and replacing it with a flat £65 deposit for wedding or other events where you may like to use our drone services, which will be transferred to a new date free of charge should you need to postpone. If we are not available on your new date we will offer you a £50 voucher towards our drone services.

Also look out for details of our upcoming competition where you can win large prints of some of the drone images we have captured during our journey so far, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands and the Algarve just in time to brighten up Christmas! We will be posting more information soon via our facebook page.

If you are interested we offer free no obligation and socially distanced consultations at any of our offices (Tamworth, Lichfield or Birmingham Airport) or via Zoom etc.


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