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We're interested in aerial photography, what happens next?

First of all contact us, you won't regret it!!! Call us, email us, text us or contact us on social media. Tell us what we need to know....we are a friendly bunch, honest! Let us know what you are interested in, maybe a roof inspection, survey or a wedding or sports event? Photos, videos or both? Tell us the date you had in mind, and whether it is flexible, but most important is the EXACT LOCATION and known site restrictions as this will determine whether it is a possibility in the first place due to the high level of regulations involved in being a CAA accredited and legal drone operator.

Within 24 hours we will confirm to you if the area is feasible, an approximate cost (competitive of course) and various options to consider. For example if you are looking to capture a wedding in Birmingham City Centre, from a drone pilots perspective, this would completely different than a wedding at a country hotel in the middle of the countryside near Tamworth or Lichfield. If performing a drone roof inspection in Solihull we may have to get approval from Birmingham Airport due it's proximity.

Although the same rules apply, city centre locations are far more complex and congested locations to operate in . (as a PfCO holder we could operate in London city centre provided we keep to legal distances and mitigate risks therefore a roof inspection is more practical here than filming a wedding!). As well as our drone pilot, some jobs will require the need for a separate camera operator and safety spotters. Lots for us to consider!

If we confirm all is good and you agree to the price we will ask for a small deposit of just 15% (please ask about our reduced deposits for 2021 weddings and events to minimise risk should covid restrictions prevent it from happening).

We will then be busy behind the scenes performing all our location planning, including airspace restrictions, flight planning, and risk assessments. (This is the boring part that you don't see but takes the longest time!). We will also monitor the great British weather and liaise with you should we not be able to fly. For more complex jobs we will conduct a site visit or arrange a planning meeting with yourselves.

On the day we will turn up early and perform an on site survey to check for anything we may have missed or anything that may have changed that may affect our operation. Ie a nearby crane, abundance of birds etc.

We will talk (politely) to all neighbouring properties that will come within 50 metres of our intended figthtpath to bring them "under our control" as per the regulations, display signage, corden off take off/landing zone etc and confirm the plan with you including a safety brief - all before our drone pilot takes to flight, first of all conducting last minute safety checks.

Post flight we will conduct a quick debrief, and answer any questions. We will confirm how and when we will get the final media to you, and start the painful editing process at one of our offices (at Tamworth, Lichfield & Birmingham airport)

We are more than just another drone operator near Birmingham! We don't just cover the West Midlands either, we can travel to any location or visit multiple sites. (If anyone has any drone work available in the Maldives we woud be very interested!)

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