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Introducing our new wedding videography service! (and new brand!)

After a few years in business we have been evaluating our services and the one which stood out in need of most attention was weddings.

We initially started offering our licensed drone only service at weddings to give an aerial perspective to couples they could send to their photographers and videographers.

Although this had been fairly successful on it's own we have noticed more and more existing suppliers are offering drones in their packages recently but what else was quite evident in the weddings we attended, there was always a photographer but not rarely a videographer, therefore we started offering couples basic video filmed on our gopros and even iphones. (usually complimentary when a drone package was purchased) Strangely enough I (Chris) always wanted to do this as a job before aviation took over my life having filmed several weddings as far back as 25 years ago on my VHS camcorder.

We soon realised this didn't look professional and the quality just wasn't there, so last year we invested heavily in professional cameras, mics, gimbals etc and started offering full videography packages at the fayres we attended. We have since enrolled on professional courses and one to one mentoring with some of the biggest names in the industry.

What became apparent immediately was that most wedding film makers are simply not called "Pesky Seagull" but something more far more appropriate and personal so we took the very painful (and expensive) decision to start from scratch with a new identity. After much deliberation, Imosha Wedding Films was created. “Imo” comes from my daughter Imogen and “Sha” from our surname (Shaw). It also sounds a little bit like emotion, something we try to engage within our films.

Of course Pesky Seagull is still alive and kicking and business as usual for general aerial photography & video, surveys, property shoots (inc commercial premises) roof inspections, promotional footage, TV work etc but the wedding side of the business has been transferred to Imosha (which on paper is still PS).

Take a look at our brand new website (and feel free to recommend us to any couples you know about to tie he knot! )

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