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"We do"

Whilst showcasing our drone services at a Birmingham wedding fair almost 2 years ago we was asked by a couple if we did general wedding videography in addition to drone footage. Our answer was we don't personally but we know people who do. The problem with this is that our colleagues charge more than the couple could allocate in their tight budget. The couple booked us as a standalone drone service as they were keen on stunning aerial footage of their venue. We did (maybe a mistake in hindsight) mention that we had the newest gopro model and that we could produce a very basic video with this however it is far from the ideal camera for this purpose. However they seemed happy with this as a budget solution.

2 postponements later at the expense of covid 19 and to be honest we were quite relieved as didn't feel comfortable recording a wedding on a gopro. The more we thought about it the more inclined we felt to take the plunge and invest in the RIGHT equipment for the job. This we did, underestimating what was needed!

After a busy few months of expenditure we had purchased a Sony A7 III dslr , Ronin SC gimbal, various Rode wireless and lav microphones as well as lots of accessories to complement them. We also linked up with another trusted videographer to act as our second shooter. At the last minute we was asked if we could livestream the event for family who were unable to attend due to the restrictions. "We do".. however this added extra pressure!

25 years ago our director filmed his aunts wedding (again in Birmingham) on his Sony VHS-C camcorder set on a fixed tripod (on auto mode). No editing, no extra must have been enthrilling to watch! We soon realised there was much more to being a wedding videographer than owning a camcorder and pressing record!

First there were consultations to gauge what the couple wanted and a plan how to be in multiple locations at once! The sound alone could keep one member of the team busy all day, as could the drone aspect. One thing we found is that we had far too much equipment which made the most simple of logistics too complicated! Ie trying to carry cameras, tripods, gimbals, mics, inspire 2 drones etc etc

To date we have filmed two complete weddings using our new set up and have enjoyed every second of both days despite the stresses involved. ....then comes the difficult bit...the editing!! This is where we earn our money.. this takes several weeks and lots of late nights, making ruthless decisions and using a lot of personal judgements.

Despite the sleepless nights both couples to date have been extremely happy with their final product, supplied on personalised USB sticks. We feel as if we know them and their guests intimately having watched the same clips over and over during the editing process.

Take a look at the highlights of one of our recent weddings here. As well as the highlights video this particular couple also chose a full 20 minute version, main events in full, as well as extra drone footage etc.

SO much still to learn but we think we are doing alright so far!

So next time a couple asks us if we also do general wedding videography in addition to drone footage, we can be more confident in saying "we do" and look forward to capturing our next clients saying "I do".

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