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The birth of a "pesky" seagull

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Where we came from and where we are going.

The story started with a "whim"purchase. Our MD walked into the Tamworth Maplins store (remember them?) for a CCTV cable and after a moment of hesitation walked out with a state of the art DJI Phantom 4 drone, not knowing anything about them or what they could do, it was the curiosity that got to him. Little did he know what he was getting himself into.

The first flight was a failure. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to start up in the kitchen. The Mrs wasn't very impressed when it crashed into the door. Lesson Learnt. Next flight was on a field (far more sensible). Every now and again the cringeworthy and very shakey footage appears in our facebook memories timeline, which we look at in pride as to how far we have come.

Our first real test was flying in the algarve where we encountered an angry mob of locals in the form of the portugese seagulls who didn't take too kindly to their nest being disturbed. A nice peaceful flight soon turned into an all out air to air battle. It was a very nerve racking experience but improvisational skills ensured the Phantom returned safely. As well as a learning curve this inspired our company name, which I'm sure you agree is rather different than other operators however quite apt when you think about it.

Participating in a family sports event the organiser was approached to get some aerial views of the event to which it was agreed. After self learning some basic editing skills a highlights video was put together and that's where we saw the real potential of drones so we subscribed to a CAA course to gain our PfCO, a licence to fly commercially.

Despite registering as a company, setting up a basic website and getting off to a "flying start" other commitments meant we were unable to focus too much towards the end of our first year and when covid 19 kicked in most of our events and weddings were cancelled or postponed due to obvious reasons. Rather than dwell we saw this as an opportunity to attend photography and editing workshops to improve our skills, get some practice in stunning locations from the Scottish highlands down to Sunny Cornwall, ditch the original website for an easier to maintain version, tidy up our procedures, edit a brand new showreel (coming very soon) and make important contacts for potential future assignments.

Our background is in aviation with 25 years airfield experience in a variety of operational and airside roles therefore this will be an area of concentration going forward into our second year of operations however we will still be available for all aerial photography & video assignments.

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